Friday, February 4, 2011


so today is weigh in day.... that dreaded scale but you know what today was a good week, I didn't cheat I did really well on my points and it paid off with a -4.8 pound change! heck yeah! considering last week was a very bad week with visiting food madness I very much made up for it now. It's pay day too! and Tax day! so ultimately a very good day! Now if only my dog would stop stealing the babies toys... any ideas on how to do this?

I don't have anything else to say today see you next week!

pounds lost this week: 4.8 Total pounds lost: 8.9

Friday, January 28, 2011


Why do people always see change as some sort of horrible thing? In reality change should be embraced! I have had such great change in 2010, I got married, and I had a beautiful baby boy! Those are great changes! So why do we continue to see darkness in change? 2011 will be yet another year of new changes, in a few short weeks we move back to Michigan and start a new chapter, hopefully a new healthier chapter. I took the first step two weeks ago and re-joined weight watchers so we will see if I can finish that as well, also we decided upon returning home both my husband and I would get a gym membership. What is my goal? Well I have two shed 100 pounds and run a 5K do I want to set a time limit? no not really even though I probably should or maybe it will just go on and on forever and never reach my goal... Could I possibly do it by the end of the year? that is possible I have seen people do it in less time then that. I am hopeful that this blog will keep me accountable for my goals and aid me in my CHANGE as long as I remember to write in it. I think I will try and write in it every friday morning, which is my weekly weigh in day needless to say this was NOT a good weigh in day I haven't been good this week I fell in the visitor trap at the beginning of the week and found it hard to stick with my "diet" the entire week so here is a new week and a fresh start!

- Kaytee